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1000+ pcs

1000 pcs. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Puzzle $19.99
This 1000 pc full color puzzle features movie one sheet art from the first Harry Potter film, the Sorcerer's stone (aka the Philosopher's stone). it measures 20 x 28 and fits easily into a standard size frame (easy frame). it will surely challenge and satisfy any Harry Potter or puzzle fan.
1000 pcs. Looney Tunes That's All Folks Puzzle $19.99
Looney Tunes is a 1000-piece puzzle licensed by Warner Bros. to Aquarius jigsaw puzzles featuring the iconic Looney Tunes outro and characters. The Looney Tunes are at it again in this fun puzzle for all classic cartoon fans and showcases famous characters such as Taz, Bugs, Marvin and more. A nostalgic puzzle for those who grew up with this show, and fun and colorful for those interested more in the animation! A quality puzzle by Aquarius! That's not all for puzzle folks. This illustrated picture brings all your favorite cartoons into one great image with the classic Looney Tunes that have become household icons and childhood memories. Puzzlers ages 12 and up will enjoy piecing this 20" x 27" 1000-piece puzzle together and adding it to their collection.
1000 pcs. Schmidt Summetime Stroll $19.99
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1000 pieces Made by Schmidt Spiele Completed puzzle measures 19.5" x 27"
1000 pcs. Scooby-Doo! Puzzle $19.99
The gang of Scooby-Doo are all hear in this illustrated 1000-piece puzzle. The cast of Scooby-Doo are here to solve the case of the awesome puzzle. Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne and Fred are here with portrait illustrations for any fan of the hit cartoon and puzzles. Each character is featured in a box surrounded by bright colors and the classic animation style the cartoon is famous for. The gang piles into The Mystery Machine to head out on their next adventure and ages 14 and up can join them in this cartoon tribute. Puzzling is more than just fun! Puzzling develops logical thinking and problem-solving skills, memory, focus, and concentration, and builds confidence. Plus, it’s a great way to unplug, relax, and destress.
1000 pcs. Superman Puzzle $19.99
This bold image of Superman is sure to provide hours of fun for fans and puzzlers alike. It measure 12 x 36 when completed and has 1000 pieces.
1500 pcs. Neuschwanstein in Autumn $24.99
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Ravensburger Title: Neuschwanstein in Autumn Size: Height = 23.5 inches Width = 33 inches Pieces: 1500
1500 pcs. Pirate's Lighthouse Puzzle $19.99
Pirate's Lighthouse Puzzle (1500 pcs)
2000 pcs. Room with a View by Ravensburger $32.99
2000 pieces From Ravensburger Completd puzzle measures 38.5" x 29.5"
2000 pcs. World of Books by Ravensburger $34.99
Puzzle measures 38.5" x 29.5" Puzzles are fun - on your own, or with family and friends Relax from your busy life and build a beautiful image and a new memory
Ship at Anchor 1000 pcs. Schmidt Puzzle $19.99
1000 pieces Made by Schmidt Spiele Completed puzzle measures 27" x 19.5"
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