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Make Your Own Line of Shimmering Lip Balms

This craft science kit comes with all-natural beeswax, 5 shimmering mix-and-match lip balm pods, a recipe/activity sheet, shimmer powder, and some super-cute molds to create boutique lip balms, sugary lip scrubs, fairy gel and fairy dust! The melt-and-pour recipes in the activity sheet are easy to follow and perfect for kids ages 8 and up, making this a great activity for birthdays, sleepovers, and girls’ nights!

Whip ‘Em Up!

Whip up one-of-a-kind recipes that smooth your lips and reflect your personal style. With 5 shimmering lip balm pods, 2 cute molds, and plenty of beeswax, this kit comes with everything you need to create luxurious lip balms, fairy dust and fairy dust for yourself and your friends. Our convenient, pocket-sized pods allow you to carry your lip balm around in style.

STEAM Focus: Chemistry and Art

Discover the science behind luscious lips! This beauty-based chemistry kit includes materials to create luxurious lip balms, gel and powder. Learn lip balm science from the activity sheet as you whip up recipes such as Cocoa Kisses, Cherry Balm, vanilla and brown sugar lip scrub and fairy gel and fairy dust. Supplement the recipes with chocolate chips, olive oil, honey, vitamin E, and other household ingredients from your pantry.

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Making Science Fun!

Since 2004, SmartLab Toys has been one of the leading designers of educational toys for children ages six through fourteen. We believe children learn best through hands-on exploration and discovery. That’s why we embrace the STEAM approach by producing innovative toys that provide experiences and experiments in chemistry, measurement, engineering, electronics, and physics. Our toys allow children to add their individual insights, problem-solving skills, divergent thinking, and perseverance to their play as they learn and practice real-world skills and concepts.

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