Calico Critters

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  • $ 69.99
    Calico Critters have tons of fun playing in the Calico Critters Adventure Tree House Playset! Features cabin, slide, sundeck, swing and pulley
  • $ 119.99
    This Adventure Tree House Gift Set features the Adventure Tree House and over 65 additional accessories, including three posable Critters, Baby Slide Set, Children's Play Set and Family Picnic Set! Also includes tree house cabin, slide, sundeck, swing, pulley, tree trunk & grass base, 2 tree branches, tree stem for pulley, 2 railings, and 2 ladders
  • $ 24.99
    Join Bunny Gwyneth as she takes Apple and Jake to ride around Cloverleaf park in their new push car and tricycle! Includes Mother Bunny Gwyneth, Baby Bunny Apple, Baby Squirrel Jake, tricycle with basket & rotating wheels, car with rotating steering wheel & tires, 2 attachable push handles, watering can, and shovel
  • $ 15.99
    Hazelnut Chipmunk Luke loves to color and paint pictures
  • $ 34.99
    Your child’s Critters can cruise around Cloverleaf Corners in style in the Calico Critter Cherry Cruiser
  • $ 24.99
    Connor and Kerri Snow-Warren bounce happily in their carriage as Mother Shannon takes them for a stroll to Cloverleaf Corners' Community Park! Connor and Kerri Snow-Warren bounce happily in their carriage as mother Shannon takes them for a stroll to Cloverleaf Corners Community Park! Set includes a pram with pillow and blankets, a rattle, a bottle Shannon Snow Warren and those cute Calico Critters Connor and Kerri! Calico Critters are designed with remarkable attention to detail
  • $ 24.99
    Father, Arthur is the mayor of Cloverleaf Corners
  • $ 27.99
    Get your favorite critters squeaky clean with the Calico Critters Deluxe Bathroom Set, which features a bath tub, shower stand, soaps and bath toys (critters sold separately)
  • $ 24.99
    Play along with the four poseable figures of the Calico Critters Ellwoods Elephant Family