Aurora – Miyoni – 7″ Panda, Sitting


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Some days you want to go to the zoo, some days you don’t. Owning the Realistic Sitting Stuffed Panda 7 Inch Miyoni Plush by Aurora is the next best thing! This plush panda is a stunning representation of the not-so-domesticated real thing. We all love pandas, but they just don’t make great roommates. Sharing your space with this realistic sitting stuffed panda, on the other hand, is an absolute joy. You don’t need to buy your own nature preserve to have a pet panda, you just need this adorable panda stuffed animal and you’re all set. All of the time you would have to spend mowing the grass at your nature preserve can be spent enjoying your stuffed panda! The Miyoni line of stuffed animals by Aurora focuses on excellent design, coloring, and detail. These stuffed animals are a cut above the rest and are made using advanced techniques like airbrushing and fabric shading to enhance their realism. This realistic sitting panda stuffed animal is more than just a fun and cuddly plush toy, it’s also a keepsake that is built to last using only the best materials and craftsmanship.

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