Bluey’s Playground – Bluey Figure with Park Playset


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Meet Bluey! A loveable, six-year-old Blue Heeler dog, whose everyday family life becomes a playful adventure. Bring the fun and imaginative play of Bluey and her family home with this cute mini park playset! There is so much to do with Bluey an the park. The swing moves back and forth for Bluey to play on. Play on the slide or ride in the wagon. Bluey’s Park Playset includes one Bluey figure that can be posed so she can get up to all sorts of adventures! The swing, slide and wagon are compatible with all figures. The Park Playset is the perfect places for a playdate for all of Bluey’s family and friends. Collect them all! Children will love recreating Bluey’s adventures from the Bluey TV show or creating new ones of their own with these posable fun-filled toys!

  • Enjoy a playdate at the Park with Bluey and this cute Mini Park Playset!
  • Included in the Mini Park Playset is one Bluey Figure and 3 fun accessories.
  • The Park Playset includes a functioning swing Place Bluey on it and push her back and forth!
  • With a wagon that has moving wheels and rotating handle, it’s perfect to pull Bluey around!
  • Bluey loves to go down the slide. All park equipment is compatible with all Bluey figures!
  • Bluey’s Family Home Playset and the Mini Park Playset make the perfect playset combination!
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