Calico Critters Deluxe Bathroom Set


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Get your favorite critters squeaky clean with the Calico Critters Deluxe Bathroom Set, which features a bath tub, shower stand, soaps and bath toys (critters sold separately). Use the towels to dry off their cute fur coats. Don't forget to brush the critters' teeth before bed with the toothbrushes and cabinet sink with a mirror. A hand sink, toilet, bathroom tiles and more help complete the set. Product Highlights Bathtub, shower stand and other accessories make bath time fun Dry your critter's fur with a towel after a good rinse Brush your Calico Critter's teeth with the included toothbrushes Use the cabinet sink with a mirror for a realistic addition to your mini bathroom Toilet, hand sink, floor tiles and other accessories and pieces complete your furry little friends' bathroom Calico Critters sold separately What's Included Bath tub with shower stand Cabinet sink with mirror Toilet Hand sink Floor tiles Toothbrushes Soaps Towels Bath toys Additional accessories and pieces

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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