Calico Critters Fairy Tale Friends


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This set of costumed critters includes Hilton Bubblebrook Elephant, Cookie Raccoon, Adelaide Outback Koala, Larkin Cream Cat, Perri Buckley Deer, Clop Acorn Mouse, and Barkley Brown Rabbit for a total of seven Critters.

  • Calico Critters Fairytale Friends Limited Edition Playset with Figures and Costume Accessories
  • Includes 3 poseable Calico Critters baby figures and three garden themed costumes
  • Baby figure styles are the Beaver baby in eggplant costume, Marshmallow Mouse baby in the tomato costume and Sweetpea Rabbit baby in yellow pepper costume
  • Costumes are removeable and compatible with other baby size figures from Calico Critters
  • Encourages imaginative and pretend play for children ages 3 and above
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