Crayola Construction Paper, 96 Sheets


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In stock

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The 96-sheet Crayola Construction Paper goes a long way. A variety of rainbow color inspires the imagination as kids draw pictures and work on crafts with these sheets. The Crayola paper pages are easy to tear out for folding, cutting and gluing. Set a pack of them on the table with some markers, scissors and other tools to start the fun. The sky’s the limit when children engage in creative hands-on activity inspired by their own ideas. Staple a collection of original pictures or shapes together to form a book or punch holes down one side and tie the pages with yarn. Crayola art paper makes an ideal addition to the craft area in any home or school setting. Crayola Construction Paper Pack: 3 paper packs of 96 sheets Construction paper sheets in 8 classic colors Crayola paper is ideal for many different kinds of school and arts and crafts projects

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