Nascar Crash Circuit Road Course with Winner’s Circle


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Out of stock

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Bring the excitement of NASCAR home with the one-of-a-kind short track for hectic, high-velocity racing action!

Cars break apart on impact and easily snap them back together and get back in the race!


  • Burn Out Winner’s Circle
  • 16 Linear feet of Double Wide Track
  •  6 Scale Figures
  •  2 Motorized Electric Cars
  • 2 Flash Tech Chargers
  • 6 Billboard Fences
  • 6 Crash Barrels
  • 6 Crash Cones
  • 1 Large Label Sheet

Additional Information:

  • 50+ Pieces and Spinning Winner’s Circle!
  • Plus 2 Race Cars & Chargers!
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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 10 × 22 in

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