Archie McPhee’s L’il Devil’s Trick of the Day


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In stock

Involved in a prank war? This set of seven classic tricks, pranks and practical jokes will give you a whole week’s worth of hilarious horseplay. Each set includes a Whoopee Cushion, a Joy Buzzer, a Nail Through Finger trick, a piece of Trick Candy, a pack of Snapping Gum, a Fake Ketchup Mess and a Fly in the Ice Cube trick. The kind of things you’d find in a classic novelty shop, but at a better price.

Makes a great gift for a beloved niece and nephew. Just imagine how much their parents will enjoy having tricks played on them repeatedly. Isn’t the real prank that you’re dooming your sister or brother to months and months of sitting on a whoopee cushion and pretending to be fooled by the trick candy? Do your part to give the next generation a sense of humor!

  • 7 “hilarious” tricks
  • Includes whoopee cushion & joy buzzer
  • Designed for a whole week of tomfoolery
  • Irritates humorless grumps (which is really funny)


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