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Jesse James was a ledgendary frontier outlaw in the Wild West. Our beautifully detailed die-cast Replica Holster gun set was inspired by the guns of Jesse James’ era. Our Spanish-made Western-style Die Cast Metal gun set features a latch to open the chamber to load 12 shot ring caps, a real trigger and hammer action. The maroon holster, belt, simulated wood handle and red tip are all safe plastic. Imagine that you are running from the law in the wild west! Don’t forget your ammunition with our 12 Shot Ring Caps Refill. Type: One Wild West Cap Gun (Made in Spain) and Holster, plus belt Category: Wild West Toys – Not for Children under 6 Size: 8.5″ Long (8.5 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches) Package: Retro Mounted Card – “Jesse James Die Cast Metal Collectible Toy Pistol”

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