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Product Description Based On The Popular Rip-Cord Spin Top Also From Duncan Bearing King Takes Spin Top Play To The Extreme With Its Ball-Bearing Tip And Beefed Up Weight. Bearing King’s Ball-Bearing Tip And Heavier Rim Weight Make For Much Longer Spin Times Allowing For New Tricks That Were Never Imaginable With A Fixed Tip Spin Top! Each Bearing King Includes A String Button And Extra Fixed/ Bearing Tips. Used By Many National And World Champion Spin Top Players! Colors Will Vary; From The Manufacturer; Perfectly Balanced Ball-Bearing Spin Top The Bearing King Is One Of The Finest Spin Tops In The World! The Ball-Bearing Tip Enables Incredible Spin Times While The Duncan Die Adds That Extra Assortment Of Freehand-Style Tricks To Your Repertoire. From the Manufacturer The original and #1 looping yo-yo of all time. First introduced in 1954 Imperial has become world renowned as a classic toy. Featuring a narrow string gap steel axle and durable plastic body produced in bright colors Imperial is great for beginner yo-yo players learning the basics of yo-yo play.

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