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The LEGO Star Wars Action Battle Hoth Generator Attack takes Star Wars fans on a thrilling adventure incorporating a fun, target-shooting challenge. After building the power generator and tripod gun, kids place the Rebel Trooper and Snowtrooper into position. Then, it’s time to load the powerful shooters and take aim at the opponent’s target. Who will be first to send their adversary’s character flying? with 2 minifigures included, this fun-packed LEGO playset will provide young Star Wars fans with endless space-battle excitement.

  • The buildable power generator and tripod gun have sturdy bases and targets attached that flip the minifigure when hit
  • Kids can challenge friends and family to fun shoot-outs using 2 shooters and 4 missiles
  • with Snowtrooper and Rebel Trooper LEGO Star Wars minifigures included in the set, the imaginative role-play will never end
  • This LEGO Star Wars building toy makes a great gift for boys and girls aged 7+
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