Tech Deck BMX Finger Bike


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Tech Deck BMX Finger Bike:

Get the best in replica miniaturized BMX bikes with Tech Deck BMX Finger Bikes! With real metal bikes with authentic graphics and frame colorways – Tech Deck gives you the superior performance and realistic details you can’t find anywhere else! Featuring fully functioning, articulated handlebars, pulling off wicked tail whips, flips, and more is easy! Ride, flip, and grind with official BMX finger bikes from real BMX companies like Sunday, Wethepepople and Cult. (each sold separately). With working wheels, real rubber tires, and articulated handlebars, it’s easy to pull off show-stopping tricks like tail whips, flips, and more! Collect your favorite bike brands and bring your collection to the next level! Only Tech Deck has the most authentic miniaturized BMX bikes. Real bikes. Unreal tricks Ride and grind your new finger bike on the X-Connect series. Build out the Big Vert Wall or Flip N’ Grind ramp sets (each sold separately) for you to shred your BMX bike. There are a ton of Decks, toy figures & playsets to collect! Ride, flip, and grind with BMX bikes or Tech Deck fingerboard from real skate companies! Start small, go big and collect them all! Ages 6 and up.

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