Tech Deck Performance Series Shred Pyramid Set


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Tech Deck Performance Series Shred Pyramid Set is made to replicate the feel of a real skateboard park. This real wooden double skatepark ramp and finger boards are engineered and built with high-performance parts for ultimate action. Slide the metal rail and make your tricks like a pro with your mini skateboard on the Shred Pyramid! The wood board enables better pop to do even bigger tricks, while featuring real graphics from one of the biggest skate brands, Blind Skateboard.

The foam grip tape gives you more control so you can progress and fingerboard like a pro. The soft rubber wheels give you the feeling of real skating and further improve your board’s handling and control. The rubber bushings allow for tighter turns and a more realistic experience when hitting all your tricks and makes a great addition to your pro fingerboard collection. Tech Deck mini skateboards for fingers and ramp sets make the perfect gift for girls toys age 6-8 who love small toys and cool toys or as an alternative to toy cars as a boys toys age 6-8 item. Get ready for some serious shredding with the Performance Series Shred Pyramid!

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Weight 3.7 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 7 × 9 in

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